Probash Chowdhury

Photo: Probash

Me and my Work: I test the safety of potential new medicines before doctors can use them.

Status: Do you like Sport? Do you like Science? Did you know that there's a lot of science in sport? Go to this website to find out more

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Melanie Stefan

Photo: Melanie

Me and my Work: I combine computer models and experiments to study the molecules responsible for learning and memory.

Status: Well done David! And thanks to everyone for making I'm a Scientist so much fun! Students, if you have more specific questions, you can get in touch on

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Mark Vesey

Photo: Mark

Me and my Work: Project manage nuclear reprocessing and decommissioning projects.

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if you wanted to be footballer why did you become a scientist?

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Luna Munoz

Photo: Luna

Me and my Work: I am a developmental psychologist who studies how some children become cold and hurtful people

Status: Changing jobs - you will find me at Durham University

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David Pyle

Photo: David

Me and my Work: I have one of the best jobs in the world. I study active volcanoes, to try and work out what they have done in the past, and how they will behave in the future.

Status: Thanks to everyone for voting, and to everyone else in the zone for an amazing two weeks.

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