• Question: What sort of behaviour in children can be a sign of becoming a bad person in later life?

    Asked by chethchobling to Luna on 15 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Luna Munoz

      Luna Munoz answered on 15 Mar 2011:

      There are many signs such as hurting other people at a young age, torturing animals, and starting fires. However, none of these things can 100% predict who will become a ‘bad’ person. There are many events in children’s lives that can turn them around. For instance, some children may be raised along with their grandparents or aunts and uncles and they may be great role models. Other children may find a teacher or a friend that may change their behaviour.

      Basically, research shows that only about 40% of young children who have severe behaviour problems go on to have severe problems in later childhood. Of the children who have severe behaviour problems in late childhood, only about 40% of those have severe problems in adulthood.

      I’m trying to find ways to identify the factors that change behaviour for the children who are more severe in their behaviour.