• Question: what do you do in your spare time ? :)

    Asked by bellalai to Melanie, David, Luna, Mark, Probash on 18 Mar 2011 in Categories: . This question was also asked by dr1ft3r, jameshawkins.
    • Photo: Melanie Stefan

      Melanie Stefan answered on 16 Mar 2011:

      I like music, books and films. I also like watching football games, although that’s a bit more difficult now that I live in the US.

    • Photo: Luna Munoz

      Luna Munoz answered on 18 Mar 2011:

      I like to ride my bike and get exercise by doing zumba and yoga. I also like to crochet and knit when I’m lounging in the house on rainy days. One thing I really like to do is martial arts and kickboxing.

    • Photo: Probash Chowdhury

      Probash Chowdhury answered on 18 Mar 2011:

      I love to take photos and being a scout leader (and spending time with my family).

    • Photo: David Pyle

      David Pyle answered on 18 Mar 2011:

      There’s not much spare time left at the end of a day, but if I get the chance I love to cook for fun; outdoors, I love to paddle canoes and cycle.

    • Photo: Mark Vesey

      Mark Vesey answered on 18 Mar 2011:

      See my friends and family, play sport, watch sport and go on holiday.