• Question: If the world will end is there any other way that we can survive? e.g. go to other planet?

    Asked by bellalai to David, Luna, Mark, Melanie, Probash on 23 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Mark Vesey

      Mark Vesey answered on 22 Mar 2011:

      Not at the moment or in the near future – but maybe one day!

    • Photo: Luna Munoz

      Luna Munoz answered on 22 Mar 2011:

      You mean in the future? We can’t do go to live on another planet now, but we may be able to have another planet to live on in the future. However, our ability to sustain ourselves on another planet would have to be considered, such as where we would get our food and water. That seems to be the hardest part. The best alternative would be to remain where we are and to try to stop our world from ending.

    • Photo: David Pyle

      David Pyle answered on 23 Mar 2011:

      Escaping to another planet is in the realms of science fiction! There aren’t any other habitable planets in the solar system to which we could escape, without having invested huge resources in creating an environment we might be able to live in. No, in the case that something was about to happen that was clearly going to bring life on Earth to an end, I think that there would little that we could do about it!